Covid 19 Precautions

We’ve always known that our electricians are absolutely essential to our society. But remember if you feel sick, STAY HOME! Protect yourself and others.

We need everyone to stay healthy. Please plan ahead for supply needs in order to reduce your trips out as much as possible. Consolidate your orders. Stay vigilant about physical distancing.

CNC Electric South El Monte is open for will calls only. Order minimum of $100 applies in order to discourage frequent outings.

How to Order

  1. Plan out your list.
    Take time to plan out what you need and consolidate all your ordering. Stock up on essentials you can keep on hand for backup, to reduce trips to the store. We are enforcing a $100 order minimum to discourage frequent outings.
  2. Send us your complete list.
    Call (626) 401-3639 Monday to Friday, 8 am – 2 pm. Email us any time at Send Wendy a text message. We will be in contact for any questions and clarifications.
  3. Confirm a pickup time.
    Once we get your order, allow us some time to prep it. We’ll let you know when it is ready for pickup. Please note CNC is only offering will-call Monday to Friday, 9-11 am.
  4. When you arrive, follow these safety protocols.
    – STAY IN YOUR CAR AND CALL (626) 401-3639.
    – We will tell you the invoice total. Let us know your form of payment.
    – We will come out to collect payment. Stay in your car.
    – After payment transaction, we will roll out your order. Exit your car to collect your order and change.

    * For everyone’s safety, please note we are limiting conversation. As much as we miss socializing with our wonderful customers, this is an important time to be vigilant about physical distancing.

Please stay safe! Call us if you have any questions, (626) 401-3639.