Track lighting offers the perfect way to add a bit of drama and modern flair to your home or business. Install a track and start aiming your lights wherever desired–increase brightness to certain areas like counter tops, or bring attention to your favorite artworks or product displays. To check out the latest styles, check out the selection and spec sheets from Elite. To get a special quote, call (626) 401-3639.Read More →

CNC Electric will be closed on Saturday, Oct. 26. Join Active SGV for four miles of open streets. Tyler Avenue will be closed to car traffic, so bring your bikes and enjoy a day out with friends, family and neighbors! Stop by to see our “So You Wanna Be an Electrician” display, and don’t forget to join us for our 34th Anniversary Sale from Monday, Oct. 28 to Saturday, Nov. 2!Read More →

We’re celebrating 34 years of business at CNC Electric Wholesales! Save the date for special prices during our sale from Monday, Oct. 28 to Saturday, Nov. 2. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest update on promos. Click to access full list of items on sale, discounted from our already low everyday contractor prices. Download print flyer As always, contact us for a special quote. We work closely with our local vendors to negotiate volume discounts and price matches for our clients. Send us your materials list, or stop by our counter for more info.Read More →

A contactor is an electrically-controlled switch. In industrial contexts, it is generally used to control motors in machinery. Contactors are typically used with overload relays, which help provide overcurrent protection. Contactors and overload relays are sized based on standard NEMA classifications. Call us with your specs to check availability.Read More →

Working on a public works project? Check us out for service pedestals, utility boxes, street lights and more. Call us at (626) 401-3639 or visit us in South El Monte for a special quote and manufacturer catalogs. See more utility box art at “Art Of Power: 12 Visually Shocking Electric Utility Boxes”Read More →

Are you looking for a solution to measure power consumption for individual tenants, appliances, machines or offices at your home or business? Installing an electric submeter can help with tracking consumption, so you can monitor usage or bill tenants for only resources used. Call us at 626-401-3639 to ask about our electric submetering solutions, including conventional analog meters and easy-to-install smart meters. Suitable for: Multi-tenant properties Multi-unit properties Industrial machinery Read more about submeters at SCE.Read More →

Do you have what it takes to become an electrician legend? IDEAL’s annual competition will award up to $600,000 in cash and prizes. Next one is on Aug. 22 in San Diego. Check it out! The 2019 IDEAL National Championship is a highly-charged, no-holds barred competition to determine the best electrician in North America. Get amped to show your skills, test your limits, and compete against some of the best tradesmen and women in the industry. This race-against-the-clock competition is where electricians become legends. Plus, throughout the competition, IDEAL is giving away over $600k in cash and prizes.* And, just for registering, you are automaticallyRead More →

Low-starting temperature lights. Simple to wire and install. Available in 4 and 5 foot lengths. Call (626) 401-3639 or contact us to check the most current price, and ask about volume discounts on large order quantities. SEE SPEC SHEETRead More →