A contactor is an electrically-controlled switch. In industrial contexts, it is generally used to control motors in machinery. Contactors are typically used with overload relays, which help provide overcurrent protection. Contactors and overload relays are sized based on standard NEMA classifications. Call us with your specs to check availability.Read More →

Working on a public works project? Check us out for service pedestals, utility boxes, street lights and more. Call us at (626) 401-3639 or visit us in South El Monte for a special quote and manufacturer catalogs. See more utility box art at “Art Of Power: 12 Visually Shocking Electric Utility Boxes”Read More →

Check out our All-in-One Service Panel Kit this week, and other deals in our weekly flyer! SERVICE PANEL KIT 100 A $ 223.00 200 A $ 385.00 INCLUDING 1 WEATHER HEAD 10’ RIGID CONDUIT 1 ROOF JACK 2 STRUT CLAMPS 1 RX HUB 1 SIEMENS METER w/ MCB 42’ THHN WIRE 4 Q120 BREAKERS 1 GROUND ROD 1 DOUBLE GROUND CLAMP 1 SINGLE GROUND CLAMP 1 ½” GROUND BUSHING 1 ½” GROUND WIRE CONNECTOR View full flyerRead More →

Starting August 7, 2018, CNC Electric Wholesales will have weekly specials on electrical materials every Tuesday. Check out our flyer posted online at our website and social media, or sign up for text message updates to get our specials sent directly to your phone. Deals are good while supplies last. Sign up quick!  Read More →

We’re carrying the LA Stars Mfg Modular Gangable Old Work box series. If you’ve ever had to cut open a wall to install a new outlet box, you know how tight the work space is. Our customers tell us the specially designed MGOW tiger grip box is great for easy installation. It’s available in two sizes and gangable up to 4 gangs. Come by and try it out.  Read More →