Choosing the right kind of recessed lighting depends a lot on your space availability. How much room do you have in the ceiling? If more than 8″, standard housings will do. If you have less than 6″, you may want to look into shallow housings or canless lights.

HousingProduct Height
6″ New Construction7-1/4″
6″ Remodel7-1/2″
4″ New Construction5-1/2″
4″ Remodel 5-1/2″
6″ New Construction Shallow5-1/2″
6″ Remodel Shallow5-1/2″
4″ New Construction Shallow3-1/2″
4″ Remodel Shallow4-3/8″

Stocked LED Housings 6″ / 4″

Limited Ceiling Space?

  • Canless with junction box
  • Adjustable gimbal lens
  • Swivel up to 15 degrees, or up to 80 degrees
  • Eyeball retrofit
  • Surface mount, direct to box

Color Temperature

If you are replacing lights, make sure you match the right color temperature to the existing lights–warm, natural or daylight. Field adjustable retrofits are a great option, allowing you to select the right color temperature at the time of installation.